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In the News! Leading Freight Forwarder Network, WWPC, Joins GLS' Freight Protection Program


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Three Leading Networks Join GLS' Freight Protection

HONG KONG, March 6, 2013 - Global Logistics Shield (GLS) has announced that three leading global networks have signed up recently for its rapidly growing unique freight protection services that it is offering to forwarder and logistics services provider networks worldwide.

The latest networks to join GLS include The WWPC Freight Forwarder Network - WorldWide Partnership Cargolink Network (WWPC), World Freight Network Ltd (WFN) and Specialist Freight Networks (SFN). The other GLS members are from the China Logistics Club (CLC) and Combined Logistics Network (CLN).

GLS provides a timely freight payment monitoring and alerting scheme as well as the industry's first professionally underwritten insolvency insurance protection plan for the freight and logistics industry, launched in July, 2010. The policy, underwritten by Chartis, provides bankruptcy cover for participating companies on a global basis. GLS is underwritten to provide US$1 million of cover.

Commenting on the decision to join GLS, Ms. Leslie Taylor-McLaughlin, Chief Executive Officer of WWPC, said: "WWPC members will participate in the GLS Freight Protection Plan. WWPC considers the GLS Freight Protection Plan to be vital and an integral part of maintaining standards of excellence and total financial security between our members."

"It will allow the WWPC members the ability to concentrate on building relationships and business, rather than collection of invoices," said Ms. Taylor-McLaughlin, who heads WWPC that has members located in 254 cities in 108 countries.  Their Web Site is:  www.wwpcnetwork.com

"For many years it has been a concern of many independent forwarders that they are vulnerable to losses incurred when another forwarder is unable to pay freight charges. The GLS Freight Protection Plan is available to all freight forwarders or logistics companies even if they are not members of an affiliated network," said Rene Bendt, director of GLS. 
Web Site:  Global Logistics Shield - GLS:  www.glshield.com


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