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Why WWPC™?
Why WWPC™?

WWPC is a Results-Oriented Freight Forwarder Network with Proven Expertise

WWPC was the 1st, Ground-Breaking Freight Forwarder Worldwide Network
to allow for Multiple Memberships to achieve Flexibility & Choice

Upcoming in Year 2022, 28 Years of Proven Networking Expertise

Compete in Today's Marketplace with the advantage of Exceptional World Class Member Partners

WWPC is Innovative and Continuously Evolving to Meet Our Member's Requirements

WWPC Members have Integrity, are Professional, with Service Standards of Excellence.

The WWPC Network's current 2022 Membership is comprised of 821 Members located in 391 Cities in 118 Countries Worldwide

Our Members ending 1st Quarter of 2022 have Annual Revenues of USD 5.24 Billion Dollars, 
the Movement of 14.2 Million International Shipments with Progressive 
Upward Growth on a Virtual Daily Basis

*The WWPC Network Enforces a Strict Code of Conduct which ensures
that the interests of our Members are protected at all times

*Twice Annual Service Reviews of All Members to verify
that the WWPC Required High Standards of Excellence are being Adhered to.


WWPC Custom Specialized Program:  MyWWPCMemberComplaint Online System

*Aggressive Administration Program to Ensure Service Excellence and Mediation of Disputes

WWPC Custom Specialized Program:  MyWWPC

MyWWPC is a Custom Designed Private OnLine Networking Platform for WWPC Members

MyWWPC introduces and keeps you in continuous contact with your member partners in the World of WWPC.

A Perfect Blend of Technology & Community for WWPC Members

MyWWPC is by design, highly-interactive & collaborative
You will  take-away measurable and practical information, enhanced understandings, achieve heightened rapport with your fellow WWPC Members.  In doing so, you will have contacts usable in your business life immediately.

Just a few of the many features of MyWWPC:

*WWPC Member Searchable Database by City, Country or Company Name
*Detailed Profiles of WWPC Members
*WWPC Member Activity Updates
*You've got mail!  WWPC Open Messaging between members
*Important Global World Information & Tools - just a click away for your use!
*WWPC Groups, Our Specialized Divisions
*MyWWPC Everywhere - Mobile Phone Application to stay in touch with your WWPC Community
with Mobile-Optimized Content


WWPC Customs Specialized Program:  MyWWPCworld

WWPCworld, One Community, Different Neighborhoods Program available to all WWPC Members

Projects, Perishables, Live Animals, Time Sensitive, Dangerous Goods, Exhibitions, Pharma 
are all shown in specialized groups for the benefit of every WWPC Member

NO Separate Networks with Additional Membership Fees


WWPC holds two (2) Networking Conventions each year for the WWPC 
Member Partners to meet in person to develop business together
Four (4) Evenings, Three (3) Days, 60+ Hours of Total Networking Hours in Scheduled Events
One on One Meetings for the Day Sessions Via Our Custom OnLine Appointment Scheduler
NO Evenings on Your Own.  NO Presentations Allowed.  NO Speeches. NO Sales Product Promotion Presentations Members Only Allowed, NO Outsiders. 
Complete, Balanced Total Networking Conventions that encompasses our Signature, Networking, Paradise Style Concept.
The WWPC Network does NOT receive any Financial Commissions,
Profits, Rebates, etc from ANY Vendor or Member Partners 
ALL Rebates go directly to our Members in the form of pricing discount

ALL WWPC Members represent on the exact same platform/playing field
The WWPC Network Operates with Integrity, Honesty, & Full  Transparency
We have no Conflicting or Competitive Interests with our Members
We do NOT own or operate any Freight Forwarder or Logistics Companies
We Operate Only One (1) Network
NO Competing Networks........Under Other Names and/or Brands

The WWPC Network is a Founding Member of The "Confederation of International Freight Forwarding Networks"
CIFFN is built on consensus by Freight Forwarding Network Owners
with the goal to improve the Freight Forwarders Networking Industry,
leading to safer and more progressive business development environments for Freight Forwarders
Annual Membership is USD $995.00
No Additional Fee's for our Customized Programs.  No Additional Fee's to access our Specialty Groups

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28 Years, 36 World Conventions - Proven Dynamic Success of Freight 
Forwarding Network Success
Why WWPC? 
Because WWPC is NOT your Ordinary Network, WWPC is Uniquely Different

We look forward to you joining WWPC!
Leslie Taylor-McLaughlin
Chief Executive Officer
All Protected Trademarks of The WWPC Network
WWPC Network
WWPCworld, One Community-Different Neighborhoods

The Creation of WWPC™ was in November 1993 in London - 28 years of Networking Success

1993 WWPC™ Network
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